Reviews from athletes

ambitious but realistic - Lorna Wilson

I asked Matt for help with my triathlons because I found off the shelf triathlon plans didn't account for requiring more focus on my weakness - the bike.  I also needed someone to make sure I take adequate rest and plan my workouts in a smart way.  Matt has been able to help me work to improve my cycling while also giving me good training for swimming and running.

I have had numerous results from working with Matt the biggest of note is appearing on the podium in my age group at local races.  I am also becoming stronger year on year on the bike.

I like that Matt is very encouraging on ambitious goals but is also realistic on what can be achieved, for example when it is not the right time to race. Sept 2018


training and living in another country - ramon Gutierrez


My name is Ramon Gutierrez. I am a 43 year old, married, father of two boys, sports enthusiast with a very busy and hectic work schedule.  I started competing in triathlons back in 2013.  Following a first successful season that culminated in my first Ironman 70,3, the second year I ended up with a meniscus surgery due to overuse.  In 2015, I retook the sport and was able to finish a second Ironman 70,3.  It was this year that I met Matt.
I was impressed with his easygoing and friendly attitude, while being one of the ride leaders and strong triathlon competitor. The following year, my job took me to Sweden, which derailed once again my goal to completing a full distance Ironman. Towards the end of 2016, I realized that achieving my goal, would require the help of a coach. I needed someone who would help me adapt my training needs to my ever changing family and job commitments, that would monitor my progress and continue to push my body without causing injury, and who would relieve me from the planning aspect, so that I could focus only on following the plan. 
I contacted Matt and gave it a shot despite the fact this would be virtual coaching as we are both living in different countries. We started working together the end of 2016 with the goal of finishing my first Ironman in 2017.  Since then, my association with Matt has led to 3 Ironman 70,3 and 2 full Ironman races, all with personal records. Matt's patience, flexibility, positive attitude, and personal experience makes him an ideal coach. I look forward to setting new goals for 2019, and hope to count on Matt’s support to help achieve them. Nov 2018


from never running a KM to finishing a half-ironman - Neil Smith

I approached Matt four years ago. I was inspired by the progress he’d made. I was unfit – and frustrated with myself. I wanted to do a triathlon. But, at the time, I couldn’t swim and I’d never run distance before.

Now, I’ve just finished my first half-ironman. It’s been an incredible four years – and a lot of credit for my achievement must go to Matt. He supported me throughout. Without him, a half-ironman simply wouldn’t have been possible. Matt’s approach to coaching is effective and practical. I’ve a full-time job with regular travel and a family. Yet, somehow, Matt always made sure my training sessions worked around my commitments, and that I achieved personal bests at all my events.

My sessions are planned in advance. If I need to change arrangements, I can do that directly with Matt via the app. Over the years, this has been a great help – life always throws up the unexpected. Having finished my first half-ironman, I want to go further, and knowing that my training plan is in hand – and my coach no more than a Skype call a way – gives me the confidence I need to concentrate on my performance. Dec 2018

Changing old training habits - Paola Lorio

Rebel Coaching 1.jpg

Before joining Rebel Coaching I had been putting way too much focus on low HR training, spending hours on the bike and on runs at painfully low speeds and not seeing any improvements in my times.  Matt very quickly changed that up and the improvements were pretty amazing!  With Matt I didn’t completely cut out the low HR training, but I did mix it up with some interval training and some big gear training on the bike and the result was 45 minutes off my 70.3 distance race time! And I continue to see improvements!

I recently got myself an indoor trainer and Matt has incorporated some trainer specific sessions in my plan.  I can’t wait to see what next season brings.

Matt is great at taking real life challenges into account and sets training schedules according to my ever changing availability. His mantra that I shouldn’t compare myself to others and instead should focus on improving myself has made my racing and training so much more fun and rewarding when I achieve PB’s.  July 2018

With Little training time to a PB - Roberto Torrini


I guess it was my mid-life crisis. Jumping from 10 years of short-distance Sprint triathlon to a Full Distance IronMan... At 43, with little training time available, a demanding, senior job in finance involving lot of international traveling and the willingness to enjoy my family....

Coach Matt made it happen. 

After 9 months of training he brought me to the finish line of IronMan Nice 2016. Thinking back, feels like mission impossible. But we did it. And most importantly, I finished with a big smile.

Through  small steps, building up my base condition, understanding the flexibility that my life required, Coach Matt guided me through a smart training plan with an average of 6 to 9 hours per week, as that was everything I had available...

Since then, I completed IM70.3 Switzerland and IM70.3 Bahrain, constantly improving and setting my PBs under the daily guidance of Coach Matt... Until the next Full Distance! Sept 2018


never too old, or too unfit! - Brian Goode

Brian Goode triathlon

By following some self-coached triathlon programs from the Internet I had completed a few sprint triathlons, but I thought I was too old, too unfit, too slow and possibly too overweight to need/want/deserve a triathlon coach. To my surprise I received a gift of six months triathlon training with Matt @ Rebel Coaching Co. Very soon after starting training I realized that it was definitely for me! In the last 18 months I hit some very unexpected milestones: I improved   – and have become more comfortable - over the sprint distance; I completed three Olympic distance triathlons; And the most unbelievable thing; is that I am now entered for my first half distance event.

Matt is very encouraging and is able to design programs that work for me. The sessions and advice provided - and my hard work - have made me a better athlete as well as keeping me injury free. For me three benefits of having a coach are: I don’t have to think about what training I will be doing on any given day; Coached sessions can be in some cases more challenging than self-coached sessions; A coach provides an insight not available while self-coaching. Would I recommend Rebel Coaching Co. training? My answer can be summed up by ‘I liked the product so much I bought it’ after my gift subscription had expired. You’re never too old, too unfit, too slow or too overweight to deserve a coach, it genuinely makes me feel good to be training with Matt @ Rebel Coaching Co. Dec 2018

Building strength, speed and endurance - Anil Ramjiani


I started with Matt following a disappointing season and a serious bike accident. Matt coached me with an open mind and focus that reinstalled faith in myself and potential. Over the last two years, I have completed multiple half marathons, two half Ironman and two full Ironman distances. Matt’s focus enabled me to build strength, speed and endurance across all disciplines. I improved my Half marathon PB by 10 min, half Ironman distances by 60 min and my recent full distance by over 2.5 hours! Matt’s coaching is not demotivating, rather takes reality and personal goals into consideration. He remains accessible, supportive and gives credit to my accomplishments and I in turn continue to work with Matt knowing that my best performances are yet to come! Oct 2018

hotel gyms & family time - Asaf Reshef

asif rebel coaching triathlon

I worked with Matt preparing for the Challenge Roth in July 2018. It was my second full distance IM, and I did multiple halves and Olympics. I never worked with a coach before, but considering the (not so great) experience during my first full distance I decided to try it. I also had many limitations to work around – family time, challenging work schedule and global traveling (in the 6 weeks predating the event I was 3 weeks in the US!) – and needed more quality-over-quantity approach.

What a great experience it was: Matt built the right plan for me, with less hours than I trained alone, and managed to work around the many changes and limitations I brought up (not that the treadmill climbs in hotel gym when traveling were fun, but it worked…). Each session was effective and developed a specific skill I had to improve, and the weekly feedbacks were on spot.  The structured training and the detailed long briefing before the race brought me very ready and confidant to the start line –  and injury free.  

The result followed with on plan time in all 3 segment – and an improvement of an hour over my first IM!!! (when I was 4 years younger and put in many more hours). I highly recommend working with Matt if you want a serious training that fits your life needs, and see a tangible improvement in your capabilities. Nov 2018