Pricing Overview

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PREMIUM PACKAGE: € 100 PER MONTH (if you pay upfront for 6 months)
(€ 120 PER MONTH if you pay one month at a time)

  • Intake (video) call via What’s App to get to know the coach and align your goals and expectations

  • Full premium access to Today's Plan scheduling tool

  • Training schedules produced in 4 week cycles

  • Opportunity to upload your training results and feedback in Today’s Plan, which the coach uses to optimize next sessions

  • Weekly adaptations to plan whenever needed (travel, sick, vacation)

  • Any-time messaging via Today's Plan with 24h response

  • Monthly opportunity to book a one-on-one video call via What’s App with the coach to review training and goals

  • Race execution plan to ensure you’re 100% ready!