Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Am I good enough for coaching?

If you're asking this question, then yes. We've coached everyone from 50-year-old first-time triathletes afraid of open water to experienced age-groupers in search of Kona qualification. What they all have in common is the desire to improve as an athlete while also growing as a person and maintaining a well-balanced view of their work, family and athletic goals. See what they say here.

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Pretty much any goal can be achieved through consistency and hard work - you don't always need to commit to the 15-hour-per-week cookie-cutter plans you see in magazines and on other websites. But, if your training time is limited, you might need to think about a longer build; or be willing to adjust your finishing time goals if work has your travelling 3 days a week for two months before the race. Drop us a line. We'll give you our honest advice as to whether your goals are possible and how we'd help you to achieve them. See what previous and current athletes say here.

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3. What's the cost?

A premium coaching package is € 100 a month, if you sign up for 6 months. Have a look here to see what that includes.

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4. Do you charge set-up costs?

Absolutely not. We provide a full intake process (including a set-up call and getting you up and running on your premium Today's Plan account) as part of the service.

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5. How many times can I contact the coach?

Unlimited text contact via the messaging functionality in Today's Plan and each month you'll have the opportunity to book a 25 minute one-on-one (video) call to review training and goals. We always answer any questions or comments in Today’s plan within 24 hours but often much sooner.

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6. What do I need to get started?

Well, that part is kind of up to you. In an ideal world, you'll have access to a masters swim session, a power meter on your bike, the latest smart trainer, a solid heart rate monitor, varied terrain and perfect conditions… not to mention endless training hours. But we've also coached athletes completing their first ultra runs and Ironman triathlons with almost none of this. What we do insist on is honesty and a work ethic.

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7. How do I access my training plan?

We use a platform called Today's Plan - a new, best-in-class coaching platform used by triathlon groups like MaccaX, through to pro bike teams like Trek Segafredo and Team Sky. You can personalise your dashboards to be as simple (just follow the plan and leave feedback) or as complex as you need.

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8. How does this work exactly?

Think you're ready to take the plunge but want a little more information about the process? After the initial intake call with the coach, we will set you up with your own premium Today’s Plan account. The coach will create a training schedule based exactly on your needs, time and equipment. He usually created the plans a month at a time but is open to changes when life happens. You then upload your results, but also how you were feeling, how you’ve been sleeping, etc into Today’s Plan and plans are altered based on that input. We want you to be clear, happy and comfortable - so if you have any more questions, drop us a line here.

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9. ok let’s do this! How do I proceed?

Complete this form, which includes planning your first call with the coach. After talking through your expectations, experience and goals for the near and far future we will set up your Today’s Plan account and get training!

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10. Is this only for athletes based in the Netherlands?

Nope. We have a good number of athletes based in and around Amsterdam due to pure proximity to our coach; but Rebel Coaching Co. coaches athletes all over the planet. We embrace technology to provide you with the best possible coaching experience, no matter where you call home.