Triathlon coaching for people with real lives

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Want to get faster but train smarter?

Looking for a GB Triathlon L2 qualified coach?

At Rebel coaching, we get it. We've been you. We know, first hand, just how hard it is for age group triathletes to balance work, family and training.

We truly understand that you love your sport, want to perform well but are just as committed to work deadlines, kids' birthday parties and actually having something resembling a social life.

That's why we really get to know the individual and create training plans based on real life, not perfection.

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Our coaching philosophy

We build long-term collaborative relationships with our athletes - making them responsible for their own athletic journey and objectives.

Yes, you'll get sessions, but you'll also get the know-how to increase your awareness around training and sport as you progress as a triathlete and athlete.

It might sound hippy, but we like to think of ourselves as life coaches for triathlon athletes rather than simply triathlon coaches.

If this sounds like the type of swim, bike and run coaching and training you've been looking for, sign up now!